Memory Dots

The Killer Koalas from Outer Space are coming! To defend the planet, you must activate the defense shields by entering the correct codes.

The codes have been scrambled for added security. A handy app can tell you the pattern, but you must enter the code into the security mainframe.

Each sector has eight boards which must be completed to activate the defense shield, and each board has a unique pattern.

Select any board and read the directions (the different patterns are listed below). Press the start button – the number tells you the number of dots in the pattern.

Watch the pattern play and repeat according to the directions. If you get the pattern wrong, the Killer Koalas will get closer (as seen in the background).

If you need to see the pattern again, press the Replay button. Be warned, this will cause the Killer Koalas to get slightly closer.

The Replay button will turn green after making a mistake or if the Killer Koalas get too close – pressing the button while green will not make them get closer.

If the Killer Koalas get too close, you lose. Activating all the boards will bring up the defense shield, though, and the Killer Koalas will have to restart from the beginning.

The Boards

Memory Dots has eight different boards per level which can be completed in any order.

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Memory Dots

Each new sector will have a more complex security code to activate each board, however. If you do lose a game, you can start at any level you have completed.

Use the menu options for help, to see high scores, or restart the game.

Good luck. The Hapless Humans are counting on you!

Android app on Google Play
Memory Dots