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23 Feb: Football Predictor Lite now contains all teams – difference between Lite and Pro now only relates to banner ads.

Memory Dots Game for Android

A pattern is played and you have to repeat it. Sound easy? What if the colors in the pattern switch places? Or you only repeat every other item in the pattern? Or you have to repeat it in reverse? Memory Dots starts easy, but will soon tax your brain. How far can you get? Oh, and if you fail, Killer Koalas from Outer Space will wreak havoc on the world…

NCAA Football 12 Player Calculator for Android and PC

Ever wonder what that recruit you’re pursuing in EA Sports NCAA Football will really be rated? Tired of signing an Athlete for a guard only to find out he’s better as a halfback? Want to assign key attributes to focus your recruiting on scrambling quarterbacks or power halfbacks? Look no further than NCAA Football Player Calculator! Full version rates the recruit for all positions at once.

Football Predictor for Android

Can’t decide who’s going to win the big game? Don’t even know who the teams are? Don’t guess randomly – let Football Predictor guess randomly for you!

Football Predictor lets you scientifically* predict the outcome of Australian and American football games (pro and college), including points per quarter for American football and goals/behinds for Aussie rules. Football Predictor also lets you rig the prediction of your favorite and least favorite teams to mess with your friends.

(* math is like science and random numbers are part of math)

Football Predictor – better than flipping a coin.

Symptom Tracker

Coming soon.